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A little Book of Courage & Strength

Messages of hope, determination and perseverance to rise above life's challenges

A Little Book of Courage and Strength: Messages of hope, determination and perseverance to rise above life's challenges.

Life is unpredictable but the human spirit is insurmountable. A Little Book of Courage and Strength is a collection of quotes to inspire hope and resilience when we need it most.

Adèle believes in the power of words and their ability to guide us through life's journey, acknowledging that in a heartbeat we can change our focus, gain clarity, move in a new direction.

"Even the most challenging times cannot steal our hopes and dreams. It cannot rob us of our faith, or take away our capacity to love" Adèle Basheer
Size: 14x14cm (5.5x5.5in)

Daughter Quote Book

Beautiful, bold, courageous, adored. Daughters are life's inspiration of all that is possible. In this quote book, your daughter will find messages filled with love and wisdom to celebrate the light that shines within her, the dreams she dares to dream and the happiness that belongs to her. 

Grandma Quote Book

Generous with love, big on laughter and never shy of sharing their wisdom. Grandmas are heroes to our hearts. Grandmas deserve to be recognised and this book of precious quotes will be a treasured reminder of the bond you share and the special place she holds in your heart. 

Mum Quote Book

Mothers manage to be our friends, counsellor, wingless angel and commander-in-chief all at once. This book of heartfelt quotes pays tribute to our miracle-making mums who, with self-sacrafice, dedication and unconditional love, guide us to make our way in the world and live our best lives.